Health Risks of Marijuana

Health Risks of Marijuana

Marijuana is also known as Cannabis. It is grown hydroponically in almost every country in the world. It is a green, leafy structure and when dried, it is consumed primarily by smoking. It is an illegal drug that has historically been consumed by young adults as a recreational drug. Using marijuana may affect the mental and physical health of the body. If you take it twice or thrice then you may get addicted to it. When we consider the health risks of marijuana, there are two types of health risks. These types include the short-term health risks and the long-term health risks from using marijuana.

The Short-term Health Risks

  • A lowered level blood pressure
  • Brain stroke or the stroke in any vein of the body
  • Heart attack or any other problem related to the heart
  • Fatigue and headache
  • Increased rate of heart beat.

The long-term Health Risks

  • Ongoing cough or blood in the mucus
  • Increased level of mucus in the throat
  • Increased chest problems and breathing problems
  • Increased lung infections.
  • Pain in the wind pipe and bronchi
  • Major heart problems

Pregnant women should always avoid taking marijuana as it may create problems during their pregnancy. It does not only affect the mother’s health, but it also disturbs the baby’s health as well. For an example, it causes shaking and tremors, decreases vision, reduces memory, and could cause mental retardation of unborn children.