What can you do to speed up your metabolism?

What can you do to speed up your metabolism?

A fast metabolism is important for a proper nutrition as this guarantees that fat and carbs are burned properly and not more calories than necessary is stored. You already know that stored fat usually accumulates in the bloodstream triggering all the maladies you have heard about. It is important to beef up the rate at which nutrients are being used by the body’s organs.  

Check out this short list of things you can do to boost your metabolism. 

Eat Enough Protein

The thermic effect of food (TEF) is known as the mechanism through which eating more food makes the metabolism work faster. Carbs increase the metabolic rate by 5-10%.  Protein has the ability to raise the TEF from 15 to 20%.

Protein also has the ability to make you feel fuller with less food.  

Lift Heavy Things

If your body works its muscle, it requires more energy than normal, ergo, a faster metabolism. This means that your body will burn more calories per day.  

Drink More Water

Drinking more water instead of sugary drinks will succeed more at losing weight than those that consume excess calories through sweet drinks. The concept here is easy.  Since you drink many calories, substituting them with fresh water reduces your caloric intake. 

Water also increases your metabolic rate temporarily.  The effect of burning more calories with water can be sped up by drinking cold water since your body requires more energy to heat it. 

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has been shown to increase metabolism by around 4-5%.  Tea can help your body convert some of the fat into fatty acids, thus increasing your fat-burning.  However, studies do not support green tea as a metabolism booster so its effects are probably minimal or only works on certain people. 

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation is not good for your metabolism.  Lack of sleep has proven been one cause of obesity.  It is also linked to insulin resistance and increased blood sugar levels.